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Consumer Directed Services is a FREE Employment Information Service (Do Not Send Resume). For the current List of Available Jobs, please use the following link * http://edlitcher.hypermart.net/List of Available Jobs.txt To expand your employment search, complete the PCA Enrollment Form, please use the following link * http://consumerdirectedservices.com /PersonalAssistantEnrollmentForm.htm * After you complete and submit the form, we will: - Add your information to the email database and the emailed Newsletter Newsletters are both distributed to all the database members and posted on the Consumer Directed Services website. * NOTE: THERE IS A GREAT DEMAND FOR - 24-HOUR SLEEP-IN SCHEDULES - 12-HOUR NIGHT SCHEDULES - EXPERIENCE WITH LIFTERS, VENTILATORS AND OTHER EQUIPMENT. * Consumer Directed Services has no role in any of the decisions which may affect any of the conditions of your employment or the related administration of your payroll and benefits. Also, no Consumer or other third party is authorized to demand any form of payment from you as a condition of your employment. * The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a program that enables Consumers (Independent People with Disabilities or Seniors), to independently hire, train and supervise the Home Care Worker (Personal Care Assistant - PCA) of their choice. * Most Consumers pay for their services through a Medicaid funded CDPAP, which have specific documentation requirements and which may require the completion of a physical examination. * The Consumer can hire as many PCA's as they deem necessary to accommodate their lifestyle within the hours and pay rate approved by the Authorizing Agency. <b