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$90.00 USD

 Canning Supplies, jars, utensils, lids, spices
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I don't have a garden anymore, so you can benefit from my stash of canning supplies. No, I'm not selling the canner; it's a family heirloom! Here's what you get: 51 Ball/other widemouth pint jars 31 Widemouth lids 71 Widemouth rings 8 Ball/other widemouth quart jars 8 Ball/other regu


Buy KitchenAid 3.5 Cup Food Chopper
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Check out 3.5 Cup Food Chopper at KitchenAid India that features one-touch and 2-speed (chop/puree) operation. Visit kitchenaid.in and get it now with no shipping charges.   Visit: http://ow.ly/YNe830aNlYm


Delicious Tasty Dishes with Alkaline Water Ionizer
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Our Alkaline Water is Micro-Clustered and can be used to remove pesticides and herbicides before eating.  Draws out the delicate flavors from meats and vegetables.  So you need less salt, sugar and other seasoning when cooking.  Makes your food healthier, safer and tastier.   Micro-Clustered water heats faster than regular tap water, thus you save on Electricity and Gas, also.