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$36.00 USD

Vehicle GPS tracking device GT02D for Car
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GT02D is a brand new 2G vehicle tracker. In addition to real-time tracking, GT02D has two-way calling and remote listen-in functions. GT02D provides excellent and stable performance for vehicle tracking and fleet management. Note:- For more info kindly contact our team at or 9899964964

$9.00 USD

DVI/Displayport Adapters
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Buy quality DVI/Displayport Adapters and a huge variety of other Computer Adapters/Connectors at wholesale prices. SFCable has a collection of various DVI/Displayport Adapters available in various series and combinations. Convert from DVI/Displayport to VGA, HDMI, Mini-Display and vice versa. You can choose from multiple product varieties including dual link splitter cable, male analog to female adapter, dual link to DVI adapters, female analog to male adapter, a series of male port to female adapter cables, video adapters, couplers, and different combinations of DVI to adapter connections.

$236.99 USD

1000FT Cat6A Riser CMR Solid Copper UL Listed Netw
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Shop Cat6a Riser CMR 1000FT solid copper UL listed UTP Ethernet networking cable at discounted Rate. Cat6a Riser rated bulk cable is the ideal choice for your installations as it is the perfect choice for home, office, universities or any industrial areas installations. Cat 6a riser solid copper networking cable is also UL listed which makes it more efficient and effective and support high-speed voice and video data. Cat6a riser cable has 4-pairs UTP (unshielded twisted pair) 23AWG solid conductors and riser rated outer jacket which is suitable for 10Gb 500MHz high-speed data where plenum cables are not needed. Cat6A riser rated pure copper cable exceeds CAT 6A TIA/EIA-568C.2 standards which are manufactured to meet current CAT 6A guidelines and is verified by outside standards organizations. Features: Length: 1000Ft Riser Rated outer Jacket 23AWG Solid Copper Conductors UL Certified 4-Pairs UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Reel in Box Available in Blue and White Colors

$45.00 USD

VSS03 Vehicle GPS Tracker with best price
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VSS03 GPS tracker can locate and monitor any remote targets by working on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites. It is the most technologically advanced GPS tracker with AGPS double positioning. Device is equipped with features like modern design, smart look and waterproof. Note: - For more information kindly contact our team at or Call@ 9899964964 Note: - Prices are subject to change as per requirement.


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With LetsTrack GPS Fleet Tracker, vehicles will be used more efficiently - from the more efficient use of fuel, better driver behaviors, better routes are taken, the possibility to avoid traffic, but also employee fraud avoidance can lead to better vehicle utilization. GPS vehicle tracker facilitates fuel management, sending alerts and notifications, prevents thefts and provides reports and permits analysis of those reports The map automatically updates and pans with the movement of your vehicle and shows you the route with arrows marked on it. Manage multiple vehicles on a Mobile App or desktop dashboard for management of n number of vehicles. Buy yours today while stocks last. Give a Missed call at: 9069144750

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D-Sub Pin Headers -Crimp Pin
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Buy quality D-Sub Pin Headers and a huge variety of other Computer Adapters/Connectors at wholesale prices. D-sub pin headers are electrical connectors which consists a row of pins. Normal and high density D-sub crimp pins are available at SFCable store. There are rows up to 100 crimp pins which can be broken off as per your requirements. 2.54mm Pin Header for connection solderless PCB or breadboards. Different varieties of D-Sub pin headers are available in accordance to its compatibility with D-Sub connectors and D-Subminiature connectors.

$36.00 USD

Mini GPS Tracker GT02D for Car & Bike
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GT02D is one of the most powerful and reliable Vehicle GPS tracking device. It is commonly used to track and locate individual vehicles, motorbikes or boats, and is a valuable device for enhanced fleet management. Note:- For more info kindly contact our team at or 9899964964 Note:- Prices are subject to change as per requirement.

$1.05 USD

D-Sub Hoods
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Buy quality D-Sub Hoods and a huge variety of other Computer Adapters/Connectors at wholesale prices. you can get all kinds of D-sub Hoods at SFCable. We have a variety of gender changer hoods, metalized hoods with plastic covers, screw type hoods, hoods with cable clamp strain relief, many more on offer. There are different D-sub hoods to comply with D-sub connectors.

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D-Sub Gender Changers (DB9, DB25, DB15, DB37, CN36
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Buy quality D-Sub Gender Changers and a huge variety of other Computer Adapters/Connectors at wholesale prices. We have a collection of molded gender changers and mini gender changers which you can use to change and convert between various connector genders or extend your existing cables that has plugs on both ends. These can be Male to Male, Male to Female, and Female to Female. You can find all of them and more at SFCable.

$1.50 USD

D-Sub Connectors
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Buy quality D-Sub Connectors and a huge variety of other Computer Adapters/Connectors at wholesale prices. D-Sub connectors are electrical connectors used commonly for computers and other electronic devices. SFCable offers an array of D-Sub connectors to meet your requirements. Our wide range of D-Sub connectors includes male and female connectors in solder style, male and female connectors in crimp type, metal shell connectors, male and female solder cup connectors, male and female right angle connectors, pin connectors, etc. You can choose from plastic covers to tin plating as preferred.